Massage Pitt Street

Feeling stressed out and need an hour and a half massage? Perhaps you value your health, and you get a weekly massage, and only need half an hour. Pressed for time? what of the 20 minute massage? Stay as long as you’d like, and feel great with CBD city massage from Apple Massage Pitt Street 374.


Minutes for $30

Our famous 20 minute massage is perfect for those in a rush, and just need a small boost for comfort. Pop in with a friend and say. “Hi!”

Great For:
A small boost of comfort in a rush.


Minutes for $40

Do you get a weekly massage to stay healthy? This is just what you need to keep going each week.

Great For:
Your weekly massage duration


Minutes for $60

Had too much on your plate to keep up with your weekly massages, and starting to feel the squeeze? Keep yourself running comfortably by going just a bit longer than your usual weekly massage.

Great For:
Getting your weekly massage back on track


Minutes for $70

Haven’t been to get a city massage in over a month, but you swear you did it last month? Get your body back in shape in double time!

Great For:
When life takes a month from you


Minutes for $110

Just getting in the groove of having a weekly massage? Start off with a 90 minute massage to ease away ALLLLL the stress! You’ll be floating in a cloud, and ready to start your weekly 30 minute massage to keep yourself feeling that way.

Great For:
Ridding yourself of any amount of stress